Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Unconfirmed photo of an alien in Queensland?

Is this a picture of an alien? Ghost? Is it photoshop? Cardboard cutout or the real deal? There's not a huge amount of information about this photo but for what there is Click here.

It kind of looks human to me in my opinion. But there's something not quite right with this photo, the shadows look wrong or something?

What are your thoughts?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

Experiences With The Paranormal - Personal Experiences From A Friend

When I was eight years old I can remember very clearly waking up and
seeing the spirit of a young girl in the doorway of my bedroom. I was
very frightened and ran into my mother and father and told them I had
seen a ghost but got the whole "you were imagining it" spiel.

She was a figure shaped spirit with a fuzzy type outline.

I can't remember any other occurences until I was 15. I was in my
bedroom and I heard someone calling me out the front of my parents
house. I went to see who it was, saw noone and got scared so I waited
out front until everyone got home.

Then during that same year, I was on the telephone to a friend and we
were mucking about on the telephone and I was saying how funny would
it be if the television fell off it's stand... How much it would annoy
my father. Well, after I got off the telephone and was in the family
room out the front of the house, the television screen, not the whole
telly, just the screen fell off the tv and smashed into pieces.
Needless to say I completely freaked out. Who knows if it was a spirit
or my energy but I never joked about that kind of thing again.

I had a few minor 'sensings' over the years and once told a friend in
a pub the winning keno numbers as they were being called.

Then I went to the Quarantine Station for the first time in 2007. I
felt slightly uncomfortable but kept myself quite closed off. I was in
one of the rooms when I felt someone playing with my hair. It was a
bit spooky but I was completely excited.

I went again a year later and had a lot of feelings. I felt odd in one
of the rooms, very anxious and uncomfortable - someone was there. Then
we moved to another building. My sister saw the matron. Then onto
another building where I felt very wired. I saw a spirit standing at
the back of a hallway. He was like a shadow. Then I really opened
myself up and willed him to show himself. Everyone was exploring where
a few of us had first seen him. I was back in the first room and saw
the spirit poke it's head around the doorway. He was on the verandah.
I said to the medium on the tour, he's on the verandah. He confirmed
this and we saw him standing in the corner.

It was approx another year before we went back. This time on the
spirit investigator tour where we could use equipment to detect the
spirits. This was definitely the weirdest experience I ever had. I
immediately could feel if there was a presence or not and when I felt
the presence, the meters were going of the charts. I got touched on
the hand in the shower blocks. Then when we visited the hospital area
of the quarantine station, I suddenly felt quite ill, almost like
seasickness. I was being pushed and pulled all at once. It was as if
something was attacking me and I was so incredibly petrified. The
mediums took me away from the group. They said I had an attachment and
that it was called a shapeshifter. One of the mediums was detaching
the spirit while the other lady was sitting with me praying. We said
the lords prayer together and I felt stronger and stronger. The medium
had detached the spirit and life since then has improved a million
fold. It was as if a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders and
I was ALIVE again.

That weekend I white saged our house as our son had been saying for
some time that he had been seeing either a scary lady or a little
black girl with burnt hands. He said the girl would be in bed next to
him. I told whatever had been in our house that it was not welcome at
all and told it rather sternly to get out, it didn't belong there.
This was our house, not it's house and it should go.

I have seen orbs since then which were purple in colour. Whenever they
appear I'm in a certain room. Our son the other week said that he saw
red lights floating around his room. I have told him if he sees them
again to tell them to go away. I don't mind the good spirits but the
bad ones can go thank you very much!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Blue Mountains Ghost Tour - My Review

On Saturday night a group of us went on the blue mountains ghost tour. We all met up in Katoomba and hopped on the mini bus. First stop after about 20 minutes or so of driving into the bush was at a cemetery from the 1820's. Im not sure if it was the fact that we were in the middle of nowhere that was unnerving me or all the talk of a negative spirit there but i did NOT like that place. As i walked down the long path to the cemetery my chest felt tight and just very uncomfortable. This happened the whole time we walked around but once we walked back out through the gate I felt fine. Very strange. Whilst in there we were told some of the stories about who were buried there. I was disturbed to hear that aboriginals were not allowed to be buried in there as it was consegrated ground!

Photo courtesy of Moira

There's apparently a negative spirit (who's name escapes me) who likes to strangle people and push people. Another story is there is an "angel light or orb" that is seen floating through the graveyard.
We were asked to be totally silent and turn all our torches off to see if we would see/hear anything. As we stood there a lot of the group pointed out a faint light that was at the opposite end of the graveyard. Three of us couldn't see it and the rest could. Was a shame I couldn't see it but at that moment in time I didn't really want to see anything! People could see I didn't want to be there as normally im all chatty and interested in whats going on but i was pretty subdued and quiet so the pastor and his wife that was with us prayed some protective prayers for me and i felt a little better. We moved on to another grave and one of the group felt their shirt tugged a couple of times. We also had K2 hits in various places in the graveyard. By that point we'd turned all our mobiles off so not sure what caused them.

Apart from a possum making its presence felt (and making us all jump) nothing more happened at that grave yard.

We all hopped back on the bus and went on our merry way.

Next stop (after picking up snacks from the servo) was at a courthouse and jail.

There were reports that a little girl had died in there and one of the previous residents (it was turned into a house at one point) was haunting there. Had zero K2 hits in the courthouse and during the time we were all silent there was no sounds or weird sightings. It was very cool to see the courthouse though.

Next we went next door to the jail. This place was a little more eerie with reports of doors slamming and things being moved. We had a couple of random K2 hits which we couldn't account for except there was a cupboard nearby with a lot of electrics in which could have set it off but the k2 hits weren't consistent. Strange indeed. The jail itself was interesting to see as it had lots of carvings in the wood of the people who were put in there. Worth a see.

Photo courtesy of Moira

Next stop was the hanging tree. This is where supposedly a lot of convicts were hung. They'd build the road and then be hung on this tree. Nothing happened around here accept us disturbing the campers (its in the middle of a campsite).

The last stop on the tour was at The Wells. Now for the life of me i can't remember what this place was except there were unmarked graves and some large wells. Anyway, there were a couple of odd K2 hits. We had the few minutes silence/torches off and nothing really happened except being attacked by a bat. The frogs who were extremely loud became silent a couple of times which was definately eerie but not sure if that was anything paranormal. Apparently other tours have experienced the most paranormal activity there including lights and apparitions. It must have been a quiet night for us though. By that point we were all sleepy and ready to go home. We hopped back on the bus and got dropped back to Katoomba where we went our seperate ways. Overall a good night.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lots of ghost photos this week!

There's two ghost photos on this weeks news blog on the CCAPSG page... check 'em out and let me know what you think :) click here

Aboriginal witchdoctor joins search for missing policeman

Witchdoctor begins search for missing cop in the outback of Queensland. Click here for news story.