Monday, September 14, 2009

The Quarantine Station Spirit Investigator Tour

A few months late and a rubbish memory I will attempt to write up what happened on the above mentioned tour. It's a brilliant tour and I highly recommend it especially if you are interested in going on a more serious ghost tour where they dont have people jumping out at you but provide scientific equipment in order to detect ghostly activity.

The tour took us around various buildings and told us a bit of the history and showed us how to use the equipment they'd given us.

This is called a K2 meter, it detects EMF's which stands for electro magnetic fields. This is used to detect whether homes/businesses have high emfs which can result in people feeling ill, being paranoid etc. It can also be used to detect ghosts. The theory is a ghost uses EMF's to manifest so if you get a hit on the K2 meter somewhere where there shouldnt be EMFs then it could be something paranormal!

Another peice of equipment they gave us to use was a laser thermometer which we used to detect cold or hot spots in the air which can be a sign of a ghost - the theory for this is the "ghost" will use energy from the air to manifest making the air around it cold (i think that is right - please someone correct me if im wrong)

We got hits on the K2 Meter though which was really cool. At one point i asked a question and the light flashed on the metre as though it was in reply to my question. It was really cool because we'd try and find out if it was something normal making the k2's flash but we couldn't work it out! No one saw any shadows or heard any disembodied voices which was a bit disappointing but i guess ghosts don't perform on command!;)

One of the tour guides who tagged along was clairvoyant told us he could feel different presences around the buildings including what they call a BYOG (bring your own ghost).

One of the ladies (i wont mention names because im not sure she would want everyone knowing) i was with on the tour asked if it was her that had the ghost! And the tour guide said yes. A few of us had our k2 meters infront of her and they all started flashing - it was crazy! Then she felt really ill and looked like she was going to faint. The tour guides had to take her to one side and I think in the end they helped her get rid of this ghost that had tagged along with her and had been frightening her son at home. That was a crazy experience and not one i'd want to repeat because it was pretty scary for her.

Overall it was a good night and a lot of fun! It would have been better for me personally if the group wasn't so big so that if someone did hear or see something it would be easier to say whether it was normal or paranormal - with so many people investigating you can't tell what sound is coming from where...good fun though.

Sydney Opera House - view from the ferry over to Manly.

The only ghost we caught on film! ;)

The Shower block

The Hospital

When my friend took this photo she said she felt a presence and this is what appeared in the photo. So, is it a strange mist or glare from the light? You decide.

Here is a link to the Q Station website for anyone that interested in going.Q Station Ghost Tours

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