Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bizarre In The News - "Hills alive with UFOs"

The Daily Telegraph

A PROSPECTOR who went to find gold in the hills thinks he may have found something better - evidence that aliens really do exist.
Adam Cainero believes he captured a photograph of an alien spacecraft hovering above an escarpment near Majors Creek, in the Southern Tablelands near Braidwood.
After an unsuccessful weekend fossicking for gold Mr Cainero and a friend were making the long trip home when he stopped to take a snap of the steep mountain they had driven down.
When he got home, Mr Cainero said he realised he had found gold of another kind after all.
"I just took a picture of the mountain range and the sun was in my eyes so I just kind of pointed and shot," Mr Cainero said. "Then we looked at the picture - we were, like, no way."
With its shape and its position in the sky, Mr Cainero said he immediately knew the black object was a UFO.
"We always see really weird things as we go out to places where there is no one around," he said.
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FROM BRY: It's definitely an unidentified flying object but it's not evidence aliens exist by any stretch of the imagination. As you may have gathered I am incredibly skeptical when it comes to photos of UFOs and this photo is no different. It could be anything from a fly/bug that flew in front of the lens to a piece of dirt on the lens or even a bird? And not to forget terrestrial aircraft. There are a number of rational options to explore before naming it evidence of aliens. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bizarre In The News - Ghostbusters spooked by homestead

AN historic Murwillumbah homestead has spooked a couple of Gold Coast ghost hunters.
Paranormal investigator Judy Barr said a tour of the house in November presented her with activities she has not found an explanation for.
“On the recordings there were banging noises which we didn't hear when we were in the room,” Ms Barr said.
“We have some people looking at the recordings but no one has been able to come up with any explanation yet. It is certainly the strangest encounter yet.”
Ms Barr and her fellow investigator Marg Pettiona started Ghosts-Inc to gather information for a better understanding of ghosts, hauntings and other paranormal activity on the Gold Coast and Tweed.
“We met at work and discovered we both were interested in the paranormal,” Ms Barr said.
“We joined other groups but found they weren't what we were looking for so we decided to start our own group on the Gold Coast.
“We have five other people who help us out on investigations, and we go in looking for alternative reasons rather than searching for ghosts.”
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Bizarre In The News - Ballarat ghost-hunters wanted for TV show

THE producers of a new reality TV show are looking for Ballarat volunteers to participate.Producers of the ghost-hunting show Spooked want five
adventurous volunteers to accompany Australian ghost whisperer Anthony Grzelka to an undisclosed haunted location to film the pilot program on December 11.
Executive producer Keith McNamara promised a “scary”
experience for volunteers and viewers alike.
“We’re looking to shoot it mostly guerilla-style in night vision,” he said.
“We want to bring the audience in and make them feel like they’re taking on the ghost hunts first-hand.”
Grzelka is a medium with extensive experience conducting ghost tours in Western Australia.
“Anthony will be looking to evoke spirits on the show. He’ll also do some background explanation of the
locations,” Mr McNamara said.
The location of the filming is a secret, but Mr McNamara said it would be in the Ballarat area.
“We’re keeping the location secret so that our volunteers don’t do background research and then ham it up for the cameras,” he said.
“We want them to go in with an open mind.”
Anyone wishing to volunteer for the pilot can email the producers at spookedtv@y7mail.com.