Monday, December 14, 2009

Ghost Hill Road, Bilpin

I stumbled across this article in the Sydney Morning Herald about Ghost Hill Road, Bilpin. The article itself only mentions the haunting briefly before talking about 3 cottages there that offer yoga, spas etc.
The most interesting bit of the article (to me) is the beginning where it says...

It's one of those gruesome historical accounts that could hardly be more different from the present day: according to legend, an Aboriginal woman showed European settlers a previously unknown route from the Hawkesbury to the top of the Blue Mountains but paid dearly for her actions. Branded a traitor by her tribe, the woman was stoned to death and her spirit was left to haunt the region for eternity. The route she showed the settlers became known as Ghost Hill Road.

What a sad tale...

Where is Ghost Hill Road? Click on the picture below to see it enlarged.


  1. The Aboriginal woman is mary and there is a male ghost called gary on this street

    1. Hi :) thanks for commenting. How do you know this information? :)

    2. Any questions please ask me, I have heard the names Gary and "Hi I am Mary"

    3. I live in this street and equpiment that talk to Ghost

  2. I have heard names being called out, when therre is no one there . Radio communications equipment working without power. Light balled floating down the drive way only seen via Infared security camera's