Thursday, January 28, 2010

Analysis of Picton Ghost Photo

I also write for a blog called Christian Cryptozoology and Paranormal research. On there I wrote my analysis of the Picton ghost photo... please feel free to read it by clicking here .

Steven Wagner from has also written his own analysis on the photo which is pretty interesting. If you'd like to read it please do so by clicking here .

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It just keeps getting messier...The Barwon Ghost "A Victorian tour company knew a "sexy ghost" photo that generated publicity around the globe actually showed a young Geelong woman, according to the man who took the photo.

Adam Harris, 21, told the Seven Network's Today Tonight program earlier this month that the "mysterious photo" was taken at a barn during a ghost tour at Barwon Park mansion, in Winchelsea.

A representative from Australian Ghost Adventures said that to his knowledge the woman in the photograph, who was pictured in a low-cut top looking at the camera, was not on the tour that night in August last year."

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'Hottest Ghost Ever' reveals media hoax 'Hottest ghost ever' reveals media hoax

"A photo that achieved international media attention showing a "ghost" in a barn in Victoria is a hoax, according to a young woman who told ninemsn she is the figure in the image.

The digital photo, which was allegedly taken during a ghost tour in Winchelsea, appeared on current affairs show Today Tonight earlier this month. "

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To read what Australian Ghost Adventures (Who do the tour at Barwon Mansion) say click here

Possible Ghost Photo caught at Picton "DOES this photo show the figures of two children, born more than half a century apart, walking in their paranormal playground?"

This pic was taken on a ghost tour in Picton, NSW. To read more about it click here

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ipswich, Queensland offers ghost hunts

"OFFERING a walk on the paranormal side, notoriously haunted Ipswich sites are set to form part of a series of upcoming ‘ghost hunts’.

A partnership between Brisbane-based Ghost Tours and Queensland Paranormal Investigators (QPI), the hunts aim to give people a hands-on opportunity to experience a paranormal investigation."
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Source: Queensland Times

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Possible Ghost Photo?

Australian Ghost Adventures claim that during a Public Ghost Tour of Victorias, Barwon Park Mansion Winchelsea (near Geelong) a Possible photo of a ghost was revealed.

To read their story click here.

To read an article about it from Today Tonight click here