Monday, June 21, 2010

Paranormal Activity in Prospect, NSW

Rouse Hill Times BELIEVE it or not. These photos have been provided to us.
Are they an illusion or is there really something out there?
The first photo was taken during one of the St Bartholomew’s Church and Prospect Cemetery ghost tours.
Photos: Ghostly images captured at St Bartholomew’s Church and Prospect Cemetery
It was taken by a photographer of the paranormal while the door was open to the vestry on the Great Western Highway side of the church.
The first question asked is how could someone be up that high, because the windows are abnormally high from ground level.
The photo was sent overseas for authenticity tests and they said to look above the face of ``child’’ at what appears to be an abnormal apparition of another face.
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From Bryony: Without meaning to sound so skeptical and putting a downer on it I do have to wonder what "authenticity test" means and the process it goes through. What is it authenticating? I don't understand.
Anyway, I'd like to see another photo of the area that this was taken in so we can get a clearer picture of the area and how high off the ground this was etc. In my opinion it looks like the reflection of the photographer in the glass. Actually looking closer it looks like someones elbow and they are wearing a green t-shirt. Can anyone else see this? (Apologies for the poor quality - I used "paint")

Darkened and slightly more contrast

What I percieve the photo to be: T-shirt, Shoulder and Elbow and the bright light is the flash reflecting off the wood and glass.


  1. Pareidolia I believe...I am always skeptical about anything that is a reflection in glass or a shiny surface, it could be smudges, dust in my humble opinion, this is nothing paranormal - Allen - Eidolon Paranormal

  2. I believe but u can see the reflection of the falsh and also the reflection of the person taking the photo. unfortunatly i dont believe ther eis anything paranormal at all abput this photo!!!