Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Angel Apparition

by Lee-Ann Kelly from CCAPSG.

I lost a cousin to suicide about 12 years ago. Justin was just 21. A few years after his death I was at my Auntie's house (his mum) I was talking about Justin and how much I missed him.
My Auntie was hesitant but asked me to her bathroom to show me something. It was kind of weird. She pointed to a tile over the bathroom tap and said look there and see what you can see. I looked at the tile and it looked like any other tile to me. In my head I thought "nope I dont see anything" I was just about to let those exact words leave my mouth when presto! There on the tile was a perfect apparition of an angel sitting with legs crossed and wearing a t-shirt (you could see the outline of a fitted tshirt and wings were outstretched behind.)
I seriously nearly fell on the floor. My Auntie then took me to their lounge room and showed me a black and white professional photo that Justin had done right before his death. There was a photo of him sitting in the exact position with the exact t-shirt on, the only difference was in the black and white photo he had no wings.

Remember: I saw the tile before I saw the photo and the apparition was a replica of the photo.

Do I believe in apparitions.......??


Do I know why they appear or from what source?


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