Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Experiences with the Paranormal: My friends ghost

I had a copy of Seeking Spirits - a book by Jay and Grant from TAPS Ghosthunters in my bag and it started a conversation with my friend about ghosts.
She confided in me that a few times now she's woken up and seen an old man standing by her bed and once leaning over the cot where her daughter sleeps. I asked a few questions like was it just a shadow? But she said the man had features and he didnt look very nice. She'd only ever seen it at night and just as she woke up. Could it be she was halucinating/dreaming or sleep deprived? - Yes it totally could be that, being sleep deprived can do funny things to people. But she had seen this figure for up to half an hour at a time!
I told her if it hadn't done anything manevolant she shouldn't be too scared. If anything it appeared to be watching out for her. Maybe it was her guardian angel? Could be a human spirit? or a residual haunting?

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