Monday, September 14, 2009

My paranormal experiences

When i was in Australia backpacking we were staying in this little place in the outback, population of 5. but it had a pub and a hostel. i was sharing a room with my mate rich and this other guy called Rob who was on the tour with us (a group of us were on a bus tour from adelaide to alice springs, stopping at places of interest on the way). it was our first night and we were all pretty tired since we'd got up so early that morning. anyway, we got to bed about midnight possibly a bit earlier. I was in the top bunk. At about 4 in the morning i woke up and could hear a voice, it was kind of a loud whisper. it said something like "look at the door", or "there's someone at the door". I looked at the door and there was this dark figure standing there. i couldnt see features or anything, just this mass of black and It was just standing there. Now the door had been shut when we went to sleep because of the mozzys etc. How did it open (no one in the room said they left it open)? and who was stood there? i screamed some expletives and it just dissappeared. My friends didnt hear or see a thing except me screaming my lungs out. I was definately awake and the voice i heard was real.

Another thing i've experienced is when i baby sit for a mate i always think i see a kid from the corner of my eye down the corridor so i think one of them is up. they never are. i also always hear footsteps upstairs but theyre always in bed... i dont feel particularly scared though. I never told her because i didn't want to freak her out.

photo by Ricky Foyle
Once when i was at School we went on a tour of an old theatre called the theatre royal in Portsmouth. There is a HUGE painting above the stage and at one point i saw the eyes of this evil pumpkin looking thing moving...scared me a lot!
I went on a ghost tour in The Rocks in Sydney. In one part we were underground in this ruined cottage and we were all taking photos and stuff and i kept hearing this scream. I thought it was someones phone or something and dismissed it. After we came out the tour guide and asked if we'd heard anything. i said i'd heard screaming and others had heard it too. It wasn't anyones phone and the sound from the street didnt really carry down to where we are.

Of course all these experiences could be debunked and i have no evidence to prove them but something weird was going on in these instances. Also all these little things added up to get me interested in the paranormal.

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