Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Expert Sees The Light On UFO Pics

liverpool-leader Expert Sees The Light In UFO Pics

A NEW report has cast doubt on the so-far inexplicable UFO sightings at Chipping Norton.


UFO researcher Bill Chalker recently recreated conditions the night mother-of-two Fiona Hartigan snapped a series of mysterious photos.
Mr Chalker’s findings were published in the magazine Ufologist last week.
He said possible explanations could be found in a nearby street light and a reflection from a car window. “There is enough in these photos to argue that it’s a reflection either from the window or the lens,” he told the Leader.
“The photo analysis and the location analysis bring up all this uncertainty. It’s not 100 per cent.”

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Fiona commented on the article:

Bill Chalker is only one of the investagater’s in this story i have been waiting for a real sientific investagater to finalize a report which i now have a copy of so i dont realy care if mr Chalker said that the bright light is a street light or not because i know it wasent if any one is realey interested in seeing the final report just contact me and i will be happy to show the real report and not just a cover up story that bill chalker has concluded just to get his name once again in the papers, dont get me wrong mr Chalker is a great guy but his report is only in his opinion and is quiet diferent to the real report i have recived from a REAL scientest my email address missfee_hart@hotmail.com

I'm going to email her and see if i can read a copy of the report.

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