Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bizzarre News - Woman 'who dragged cop' shuns witch tag

A Geelong woman charged with seriously injuring a police officer after dragging him 190m by her car has hit back at reports describing her as a witch.
Eilish De Avalon, 40, has pleaded guilty in the Geelong Magistrates Court to charges including recklessly causing injury and driving while suspended over the February 23 incident.
De Avalon said she is tired of being labelled a witch because of its negative connotations, and would rather be known as a healer and an activist.
"I don't wear the label of witch comfortably," she told ninemsn.
"A lot of witches prefer the title of pagan, or in my case pagan priestess. We are healers. We are psychics."
In the February incident, De Avalon is accused of disobeying Leading Senior Constable Andrew Logan after he pulled her over for allegedly speaking on her mobile phone.
The court yesterday heard De Avalon told Sen-Const Logan she was "a being from another world" with a "universal name" that she would not disclose, theGeelong Advertiser reported.
"Your laws and penalties don't apply to me. I'm not accepting them, I'm sorry, I must go, thank you," police quoted De Avalon as saying.
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