Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bizarre News - NSW drivers speeding 'to conjure ghost'

Superstitious drivers are reportedly risking their lives in an attempt to conjure the ghost of a dead motorcyclist.
Police in Port Stephens, north of Newcastle, are aware of several videos uploaded to YouTube showing young people reaching speeds of up to 180km/h along Lemon Tree Passage Rd.
The reckless driving is reportedly due to an urban legend that says the spirit of a 20-year-old motorcycle rider — who was killed in a crash by a speeding car three years ago — will appear and pursue a dangerous driver along the stretch of road.
Several videos posted online appear to show an eerie bright light suddenly emerging in the vehicles' rear windscreens.
"I undoubtedly believe in this ghost, and if you don't believe, go witness it for yourself," one YouTube user writes.
But local police are more interested in catching dangerous drivers than investigating the paranormal.
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Bit of a language warning for the video below....
Is this just an urban legend then? Does anyone know the  identity of the motorcycle driver that allegedly haunts this stretch of road? Or is it merely an illusion?
According to one youtube comment- its an illusion...

You know the road bends and creates the illusion of the light going off the road. I have been doing it for years coming home at 1-3 am. Still fun to see people flogging their cars to try it. :0P
I first heard about it 9-10 years ago

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