Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bizarre In The News - Ballarat ghost-hunters wanted for TV show

THE producers of a new reality TV show are looking for Ballarat volunteers to participate.Producers of the ghost-hunting show Spooked want five
adventurous volunteers to accompany Australian ghost whisperer Anthony Grzelka to an undisclosed haunted location to film the pilot program on December 11.
Executive producer Keith McNamara promised a “scary”
experience for volunteers and viewers alike.
“We’re looking to shoot it mostly guerilla-style in night vision,” he said.
“We want to bring the audience in and make them feel like they’re taking on the ghost hunts first-hand.”
Grzelka is a medium with extensive experience conducting ghost tours in Western Australia.
“Anthony will be looking to evoke spirits on the show. He’ll also do some background explanation of the
locations,” Mr McNamara said.
The location of the filming is a secret, but Mr McNamara said it would be in the Ballarat area.
“We’re keeping the location secret so that our volunteers don’t do background research and then ham it up for the cameras,” he said.
“We want them to go in with an open mind.”
Anyone wishing to volunteer for the pilot can email the producers at


  1. I am a 37 year old female who has had various experiences in my own life, this has lead me to become interested in this topic which in turn I have researched many subjests etc on line have watched countless episodes of paranormal research teams investigating haunted/paranormal locations. I prefer a scientific approach to any paranormal research and believe that physics holds the key to the universe and what is going on here. I just havent had the time, tools or opportunity to look into this any further and draw any conclusions. Would love the chance to have ago.

  2. By the way I lived in Ballarat over 20 years ago, I spent time around Beaufort as well where my friends Dad's house he was renovating at the time before selling showed definite signs of being haunted/paranormal activity, I also have other memories regarding my childhood and questionable paranormal activity. I then shifted to Melbourne for (20yrs) a peroid in my life where I also had numerous experiences and I am now back in Ballarat (only 3 months) to raise my son. Now I beleive living locally in a great place like Ballarat is an advantage, also having had many personal experiences to give me the passion and dedication to look into this further, and the fact that I have great insight into the Paranormal world with the knowledge of the equipment and how to use it, followed up with being able to analyse the collected evidence from a scientific perspective means that I would be a great asset to any research team. As much as I don't have any University degree's I can guarantee that my knowledge base is broad and the passion is definetly there ALL I NEED IS THE RIGHT OPPORTUNITY. Having said all that, I have been hoping that an opportunity like this would arise and I think Ballarat has an amazing history (Eureka Stockade/Mining) etc which no doubt would have left a rather deep imprint in time/space around what we call Ballarat. So many different techinques could be used to stimulate spirit activity, and so much opportunity to collect data. As I have a bit of background knowledge on what the equipment is used for and then the keen attitude towards exploring all the evidence to determine what is going on here, I just hope that you will give me the opportunity to meet with you and perhaps look into having me as part of your local research team in Ballarat. I usually use another email but I will keep an eye out for a response to these posted comments.

  3. Hi Charmaine. You should contact the producers at :)

  4. Hi charmaine, Im not part of the production crew for this. I just posted the news story. Please contact for information.
    Thank you and good luck!
    Let me know if you get through :)