Monday, May 23, 2011

The Panther In Appin

Macarthur Chronicle

THE mysterious Macarthur panther has been spotted again - but this time a glimpse of the animal has been captured on film.
Camden’s Paul Fuller and Jarred Seedsman, both 17, were trailbike riding in bushland at Appin on Tuesday when they filmed the panther-like creature. It is believed to be the first footage ever shot of the elusive beast, which has been seen repeatedly across the Macarthur and Sydney regions for more than a decade.
Jarred was filming their ride near the Appin motocross centre using a mobile phone attached to his bike’s handlebars. He captured Paul’s shock at seeing the cat as well as the creature crossing the track ahead of the riders.
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My opinion: The video itself is not compelling evidence. The "panther" looks too small and the video is such bad quality its hard to tell what the thing is anyway... 
If we ignore the video, the witness testimony does back up a lot of the claims of the area where panthers have been spotted previously all around the Sydney area.

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