Saturday, October 31, 2009

Two photos - one ghost?

Recently i was reading about photos from the Stanley hotel, one from and the other from a facebook page.
Now i don't know if its just me but does this child that showed up in different photos from different people look similar? Am i going crazy or what? ;)

Photo one taken from here

Photo Two taken from Do You Believe In Ghosts? on facebook. The lady that took the photo is called Sharon Breiner Waltrip. P.S if you can't see the ghost... check out the bottom left corner! :)

Additional info: Here is what Sharon says about her photo:

4th floor of the Stanley Hotel, Estes Park Colorado - hotel where Stephen King was inspired to write the Shining. 4th floor is said to be haunted by children. Photo taken with Nikon Cool Pix, 5:30pm in the evening, children seen in the hallway with their hands out were part of a history tour group we were with. Tour guide had asked these two in the hallway to hold their hands out and asked if any ghost children were present to come forward and to hold their hands. We took photos - my shock to see what showed up in the lower left corner of the photo. ISO 400. No reflective surfaces near the camera. No small children in our group.

Now the skeptical side of me goes "awww come on the bluish photo could be of anything??" but then I see Sharons photo and i thought "hang on a sec, the faces look similar"?

What are your thoughts...?

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