Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Below are two "ghost" photos i found in the news today. I posted them on the weekly news bit of the blog but I thought I would also post them here. I am interested to hear your opinions on these...

Mine is the first is a trick of the light ie matrixing. I think the background (trees maybe) have formed in such a way and with the light shining through the branches it suggests to our mind its a face. Pretty creepy though.

The second photo is interesting but because of the motion blur it is too hard to tell what it is. Maybe if there was a photo of that area that wasn't blurred we might be able to reference which parts of the photo should be there and which aren't. It'd also be interesting to hear if there had been any activity in the house before or not?

Ghost tour stirs up haunting at cleveland cemetery click here for story.

Ghostly image caught by accident on camera click here for the story.

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