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Interview with Bradley Scott from Ghost Hunters Australia

Bradley is a member of Ghost Hunters Australia and are currently filming a series about their team which will be available to view later in the year through a site called Triptych Concepts. 
I thought it would be a good idea to get to know the man behind GHA a little better.

1.How did you become interested in the paranormal?

A: It all started fairly early for me, I was about 4 when we relocated to Gladstone in Central Queensland after the Ipswich floods of 1974, my parents bought 1950's housing commission house, you know the type, fibro construction, cold in winter, hot in summer but a great place to grow up in. It all started when I would see a mist making it's way up the hall and into my sisters room, I would be lying there at night watching shadows dance up and down the hall way, and it got worse had lights go on and off, Tv would turn it self on and off - remember back in the 70's we didn't have remote controls, the old stereo would start playing records all that type of stuff. I will admit it scared me shitless. The worst account I had was with what I believe to be the main thing causing the problems, I remember late one night my Dad had moved me into the main living area of the house due to a really bad storm, I would have been about 8 at this stage. I am lying on my mattress on the floor watch the lighting through the window when I heard a growl just behind me, it took me ages to get the courage to roll over and face the other side and when I did I saw sitting on the arm of the old lounge chair something that I will never forget. It was quite small but hunched over, very large claw like feet and very large eyes, just sitting there looking at me. I couldn't scream, couldn't move, just lay there watch it watch me. It took off from the lounge straight at me and then it was gone. We moved out of the house when I was about 12 and never saw it again but it didn't stop all the activity in the house. I guess from there it was learn as much as I could. We didn't have the internet or TV shows - I was all learnt from reading and asking questions.

2.How long have you been investigating the paranormal?

A: The main part of 18 years now. As I got older and my thirst for what is actually going on with the paranormal and strange events sort of took over, I wasn't happy following the rest of the crowed, mostly went out on my own, made a lot of mistakes, broke a lot of equipment doing stupid things, but from those days of doing it on my own I learnt the hard way on what and what not to do.

3.What was your inspiration for doing an Australian TV show?

A: Having the crap nagged out of me - no seriously, doing a TV show was the last thing on my mind, I did a series in NZ that did pretty well for a little production, so when I landed back in OZ I had numerous requests to do one from different production companies, remember I have been around for a while long before NZPI or GHA. But I just wasn't interested, because they all wanted their own spin on it. I told them all to go and take a running jump and get some other tool to make a dick out of themselves. Anyway, I was approached by Triptych Concepts and the reason why I am working with them is because I get to do it my way, no bullshit, no theatrics, no one gets possessed every episode, but a raw and honest look at what does go on within this field. 

4.Whats the scariest moment you've had whilst investigating?

A: Wrights Hills Fort in Wellington, to cut a long story short myself and 2 friends decide to go down into the tunnels of the old fort, a big no no, but if there is adventure about what more can I say. Any way we climb down about 2 flights on a crappy old ladder and start checking the place out. The next second all our equipment goes dead, cameras, torches, EMF, everything all at the same time. So we are standing there in pitch darkness, no idea where the exits are, next we hear growing and scratching coming from the big steel doors, it wasn't an animal it was human! It only lasted about 15 seconds but it was enough to put the willies in up me, and I have been in some bad places, from Mental Hospitals, Warehouses, Tunnels you name it I have just about explored it in the name of Paranormal Research.

5.What is the one piece of equipment you can't go ghost hunting without?

A:To be honest even though I carry a lot of equipment, it can also be very distracting, stick me in a room with just myself and no equipment and just rely on my brain and I am happy. I know it sounds strange to some who would see all the TV shows out there but your body is the best gadget you have. You know within your gut when all hell is about to break loose.

6.What has been your favourite/most active/most interesting place you've investigated?

A: That is a tough one, each place that I have gone into that has shown true paranormal activity is always exciting. It doesn't matter if it is a big historic building or a tiny 1 bed room flat, it is the quality of the investigation that matters most. Between here and New Zealand there are many places that bring fond memories, like been scratched up and pushed over by un-seen entities, you can find most of these details on the website just look into past posts.

7.Has anything ever followed you home from an investigation?

A: Who would want to follow me home? I am a 6 foot 2, 100 kg grump with a mean streak to match. You learn very early on that you take no chances when it comes to the unknown. Protect your self and your team. I have just been lucky that my personality works for me, I have been called everything from the Bad Boy to a Hard Bastard and everything in between, but if that what it takes to know I come home on my own than that is fine with me. I won't lie, I have upset a lot of people with my approach, but it is my way of protecting myself and whomever is with me, but in the same tone we all have a great time doing it and a lot of fun. The day this turns into a job and isn't enjoyable anymore is the day I hang up my EMF Meter.

Here's a link to their website: Ghost hunters Australia

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