Monday, June 14, 2010

My spooky workplace

I've always found the place I work a bit spooky... Not so much the floor I work on (not that i'd want to be here alone) but the rest of the building. There are 5 floors here and we're on the fourth. The rest of the building is completely empty which provides quite the eerie experience when one has to go to any other floor. 
Like I said, we're on the fourth floor. The building is strange because its built on a slope so level 3 is on street level. I have to go in and out of that floor at the beginning of the day and at the end. The morning is not so bad but leaving at night when its dark is pretty spooky. Turning around and turning the lights off, making sure no ones followed me etc. But generally that floor is okay. Its level 2 and Level 1 that give me the goosebumps. Level 2 is the car park and some empty offices along with our archive room. There is a really old air conditioning unit that takes up an entire room there. There is also a TONNE of electrical wires down there. So i attribute most of my eerie feelings to it being a "fear cage" and the strange pops and bangs to the old air con unit.

By the way the defintion of a fear cage is: 
A term used to describe a confined area such as a walk in closet, hallway or basement with very high EMF readings. The combination of being close and confined with in an area of strong EMF often brings out extremely great feelings of uneasiness, anxiety, paranoia and/or uncontrollable fear. ...
A confined area or room with a high EMF reading. This can cause hallucinations as well as headaches, body aches, nausea and paranoia. It is also thought to be an area conductive to strong paranormal activity. 

Level one is by far the creepiest area....
Mainly because its practically like a basement. There are offices down there (empty of course) and a massive storeroom which we've just started to use. I HATE going down there because its dark, no lights on, no one around and there's just a weird feeling to it as though someone is right behind you. Again, I write this off as over imagination and watching to many horror movies ;)

The floor that I feel most comfortable on is the floor I work on but today someone I work with described some spooky experiences they've had when they've worked on the floor alone. 
He described hearing someone enter the office as though it was one of his co-workers. He walks up the other end of the office to say hello and no one is there.
He's seen people walk into reception out of the corner of his eye but when he looks no one is there. 
I wanted to talk to him further but really it wasn't the right time and I felt a little uncomfortable asking him as he's my boss and I didn't want him thinking I was slacking off work! ;-)
He described the noises of someone entering the office...which i'm assuming he meant either hearing a door open, the lift doors open or footsteps. Those noises can't be attributed to sounds from other offices as there is no one else in the building!

Anyway, I will keep my eyes open and my ears alert to any other stories.

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  1. Very interesting because it's an experience we can all relate to - our Church is a pretty new but also large and multi storied facility but if you are last out turning the lights off you also have that 'sense'.
    Generally in the daytime the area's we have the most 'issues with' in terms of uneasy feelings and even sightings of things is near area's of high EMF and cabling - generally corners where there are a lot of amps and wiring, or junctions for all the electrical gear. There have been multiple reports of 'shadow' people by different witnesses near an amp junction/Tv/Large Coke Machine/Fridge in a corner of the cafe.
    Is it caused by EMF, Infrasound or is it an attraction to that area itself - I would be interested in hearing others research into this area.