Monday, October 4, 2010

Bizarre In The News - UFO Photo Proof? (and a rant from me)


THE accidental photograph on today's front page of a UFO over a popular tourist destination occurred only hours before a bright light buzzed the crowd at the Katherine Show.
Victorian tourist Adam Rewuk did not realise he captured the image of the flying saucer over Katherine Gorge until he looked back over his photos after the trip.
"My Dad used to be a big UFO believer, so when I saw the picture, I thought of him," he said.
"I took the photo around lunch time, but I saw nothing in the sky. I didn't realise it was there until I saw the photo."

Mr Rewuk said the image was definitely not that of a plane or a mark on the lens of the camera.
"If I zoom in on the picture, it almost looks like a diamond shape with a bubble on the bottom," he said.
Mr Rewuk said the photo was taken only a few hours before a UFO was spotted at the nearby town show.
The NT News reported on July 17 that a bright light had travelled slowly across the sky about 6.20pm.
The UFO spooked hundreds of people at the showgrounds as the sun was starting to go down.

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From Bry - With all due respect to Mr Rewuk in my humble opinion I don't see anything paranormal in the photo. In fact at first I wondered where the UFO was. Then i realised it was the thing right at the top of the photograph.  This could be anything? Someone on the news website suggests a tree branch creeping into the photo. I suggest dirt on the lens or even a fly? Anyone who's been up to the Northern Territory knows how many flies there are up there.
Another thing is the photographer says he didn't see it whilst taking the photo. Surely you'd notice something like a UFO in your eyeline?
Mr Rewuk also states it definitely wasn't a plane or a mark on the lens. How can he know that definitely?
What is it with things like this making the news? Its like blobsquatch but with UFOs. Same with ghost photos. A smudge is immediately a ghost! No wonder no one has any respect for people who work in the paranormal field.
Rant over.

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