Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bizarre In The News - Vintage Spirit: Ghost watch at Magill

Eastern Courier

VIDEO surveillance equipment has been installed in a historic cottage at Penfold’s Magill Estate Winery in an attempt to explain strange happenings, which many believe are the work of a resident ghost.
The sensors and video equipment were installed in the 1840s Grange Cottage late last year after a series of alarms in the cottage were mysteriously triggered.
Cellar Door manager John Miller believes the cellar is haunted by Mary Penfold, whose husband Dr Christopher Penfold founded the winery 167 years ago.
He says staff recall many eerie events over the years, including a tea cup with Mary Penfold’s intials on it inexplicably moving around the cottage and a female voice being heard across the vineyards.
The strange activity ceased about 20 years ago, however the mystery was reignited last October when alarms started sounding without explanation.
Magill Estate site services co-ordinator Shane Carter says the alarms sound after dark and sometimes up to three times a night.
“Initially we put it down to the new (security) system and a few technical issues ... but that all got sorted out and we were still getting strange activity,” Mr Carter says.
“It’s different down there at night, it has a very strange feeling and it’s very isolated.”

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