Sunday, January 9, 2011

Picton ghost tours forced to shut down

PICTON is world famous for being a hive of supernatural activity, but it is now in mortal danger of becoming a different type of ghost town.
Business leaders in the rural community, southwest of Sydney, are mourning the death of the town's ghost tours after the local shire council forced the closure of the popular attraction.
The business was forced to shut its doors after residents complained the tours attracted hooligans who trespassed, threw eggs at houses, screamed late at night and did burnouts in their cars.
Seven people lost their jobs and the Picton Chamber of Commerce fears more could be at risk with petrol stations, restaurants and motels directly affected.
"It's an absolute farce, I am bewildered that any minority group can force a business out," chamber president Karl Klein said.
"The [problems] have nothing to do with people who go on the tours, it's other galahs out there."
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Have you ever been on this tour? What are your thoughts on it getting shut down? Share your thoughts in the comments below...

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